Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Manually Add the SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer Web Part

While working with a customer on the setup of a brand new SQL Server 2008 Report Server with SharePoint integrated mode, we discovered that the SQL Server Report Viewer WebPart was not available in SharePoint 2007 when we tried to create a new Web-Part Page.
Although we did install the SQL Reporting Services Add-In the web part was not displayed. I have experienced this issue randomly in the past.
One fact that is misleading is that when you create a new Web-Part page, and you try to add the web part from the selection window, you have a couple of choices that would appear that may give you the ability to Display an RDL Report, Two Web-Parts named Report Viewer and Report Viewer Explorer were available, but based on previous experienced I've never been able to configure them to display the RDL since they appear to work using a relative URL which I'm not familiar with. Therefore I concluded that the SSRS Web Part for the Add-In was not setup in the server.

Below is what we did to manually enable the SQL Reporting Services Web Part.

  • Go to the Main Site and click on Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Modify all Site Settings
  • Once there, go to Galleries -> Web Parts
  • This should display a list of the webparts, notice the New button in the top left corner

  • At this point you should see a list of WebParts available in the server, scroll down or find the web part named Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint...

  • Click on the checkbox and hit Populate Gallery
  • The web part is now available on the Server
  • Sometimes, when you manually add the web part, the description that you will see when adding it to the web part is not very meaningful, therefore is a good idea to edit the description and maybe add some comments. To do this notice the Edit icon next to the newly added WebPart

  • Below is the edit screen, click OK when done

  • After this step, try adding a new Web-Part Page, when you click on Add Web-Part the SQL Server Reporting Services Web Part should be available

  • Now you can edit the web part properties and use the Browse button (...) to easily select the report you want to display
  • Happy Programming!

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